Greg Hildeman

TMS (August 2005 - August 2007)

Gregory J. Hildeman is Vice President of Engineering at Solar Power Industries which is located in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania and produces solar cells and power modules for generation of electricity.  Previous positions include 29 years with Alcoa at the Alcoa Technical Center in Pennsylvania where he Manager of the Ingot and Solidification Division and was responsible for leading Alcoa’s research in recycling, melting, metal treatment, casting and solidification. Early in his career, Greg worked at the Allen-Bradley Company Magnetics Division in Milwaukee. Dr. Hildeman has a BS in metallurgical engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison, an MS degree in metallurgical engineering from UW-Milwaukee and received a ScD degree in Metallurgy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1978. He is the author or co-author of 16 papers in the field of metallurgical engineering, editor of two books and holds 11 patents in areas such as aluminum powder metallurgy alloys and processing, cathodes for electrolysis, and ingot casting processes. Greg has been an active member of TMS since 1981. He was the 2004 President of TMS, served as the Financial Planning Officer and has been a member of the Financial Planning Committee, Public and Governmental Affairs Committee, Chair of the Powder Metallurgy Committee, a JOM Advisor and member of the Publications Coordinating Committee. Dr. Hildeman was also elected a Fellow of ASM International in 1991.