Ian Sadler

AIST (August 2007 - August 2011)

AIST (August 2002 - August 2004)

Ian Sadler was born and educated in England. He graduated with a first class honors degree and received his Masters from Cambridge in 1976. He became foundry manager of Midland Rollmakers in 1973, making him one of the youngest foundry managers in the world. Mr. Sadler moved to the Unites States in 1981 and joined United States Steel. In 1984 he became vice president for metallurgical services at National Roll. In 1988 he was appointed vice president of Blaw Knox Rolls. Mr. Sadler was appointed CEO of Johnstown Corporation in 1992.  He also became Chairman of the MWSP division of the Iron and Steel Society in 1994-95, serving on the ISS Board of Directors 1997-1999. In 1994 he became president of Indiana Corporation. Then in 1996, following a successful turnaround, Shenango Industries Inc. was purchased from the parent company in an LBO transaction. In January 2001 Mr. Sadler became president of the Pennsylvania Foundry Group; PFG is a subsidiary of Atchison Corporation. He is 2002 ISS president.