Paul G. Campbell Jr.


Paul G. Campbell, Jr. is executive vice president of Alcoa Mount Holly in Goose Creek, SC. Previously, he was vice president, operations of AlumaxPrimary Aluminum Company, one of the world's leading primary aluminum companies. Mr. Campbell had been associated with Alumax since 1978, when he joined the management cadre responsible for engineering, construction and startup of the Mount Holly operation. He has also held key management positions with Revere Copper and Brass Corp. Mr. Campbell is a graduate of Clemson University with as BS in chemical engineering; he earned his MBA from Jacksonville State University. He is the author of numerous technical articles as well as editor of Light Metals, a technical handbook of the aluminum industry. His industrial honors include service as vice president of TMS as well as membership in the American Society of Chemical Engineers and ASM International. Mr. Campbell is very active in educational and community affairs. In 1993 he was appointed to a two-year term as chairman of the Board of Regents, "Leadership in South Carolina." He was the 1996 TMS president.