Session 1 – Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy

Moderator: Jessica Kogel, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

What Is the Circular Economy? Maja Johannessen, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Role of Engineering Sciences on Sustainable Solutions Toward a Circular Economy Florian Kongoli, Flogen

Circular Economy — A Pathway to Resource Recovery and Recycling Diran Apelian, WPI

Challenges of a Global Circular Economy Carol Russell, EPA (retired) and Deborah Shields, Colorado State University (CSU)

Session 2 – Case Studies: Challenges & Successful Business Models

Moderator: Jonathan Motherwell, JTM and Associates, LLC

How Anadarko Incorporates the Circular Economy into Its Business Model Jill Cooper, Anadarko

The Model Mine Development Agreement (MMDA) and Sustainability in Mining Bob Bassett, Holland and Hart

C-Suite Commitment, Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement Can Fuel a Successful Sustainability Journey Rick Wagner, Chevron Phillips

Session 3 – Educating the Future Engineer

Moderator: Deborah Shields, CSU

Introducing the Circular Economy to Undergraduate Students Jeff Fergus, Auburn (co-authors Brian K. Via, M. Soledad Peresin, Nanette E. Chadwick)

Improvement in Resource Productivity Through Corrosion Engineering Education Brajendra Mishra, WPI

An Interdisciplinary Research and Training Program in Sustainability — CIWESS Catherine Mulligan, Concordia

Where Are the People? Including Social Sustainability in the Circular Economy Jessica Smith, Colorado School of Mines (CSM) (co-authors Nicole Smith, Carrie McClelland, Linda Battalora)

Session 4 – Water

Moderator: Carol Russell, EPA (retired)

Complexity of Water as a Resource and Innovation Will Sarni, Water Foundry

How the Global Sustainable Development Goals Can Help Promote CSR Eleanor Allen, Water for People

Water Footprinting — Communicating Mine Site Water Performance in a Circular Economy Stephen Northey, Monash University (co-authors Maureen Upton, Patrick Williamson, David Hoekstra)

Incorporating Sustainability Practices to Reduce Water in Upstream Oil and Gas Development Joe Lima, Schlumberger

Session 5 – Poster Session and Networking Reception

Investigation of Carbon-Based Reductant, Low-Temperature Process for Conversion of Hematite in Red-Mud to Magnetite Sumedh Gostu, WPI (co-author Brajendra Mishra)

Recovery of Rare Earths from Waste Fluorescent Lamps Mark Strauss, WPI

Auto-Al Scrap Material Flow Analysis with Compositional Projections Sean Kelly, WPI

Recovery of Vanadium from Oil Fly Ash Myungwon Jung, WPI

Battery Disassembly in Support of Material Reuse Mikaela DeRousseau, WPI

Recovery of Valuable Metals from Flue Dust and Other Fines from Mechanical Treatment of E-Scrap Hyunju Lee, WPI (co-author Brajendra Mishra)

Rare Earth Metals Recovery from Bauxite Residue Remya Narayanan, WPI (co-authors Nikolaos Kazantzis, Marion Emmert)

Greenhouse Gases, a Carbon-Constrained Regulatory Environment, and the Oil and Gas Industry: How Will We Maintain Our Social License to Operate? Christina Suarez, CSM

Constructed Wetlands and Other Produced Water Treatment Technology Opinions from Stakeholders in Oil and Gas Impacted Communities Rosalie O’Brien, CSM

Cedarville Rancheria Geothermal End Uses Challenge: Working with Indigenous Communities on Sustainable Development Solutions Kekahu Aluli, CSM

Technology, Training, and Capacity Building in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining: Using Mobile Training Units to Promote Cleaner, Safer, and More Sustainable Livelihoods in Peru and Bolivia Micaela and Michelle Pedrazas Hinojosa, CSM

Session 6 – Building Blocks for the Circular Economy

Moderator: Roland Moreau, ExxonMobil (retired)

Stakeholder Engagement: Have you been to a wedding lately? Linda Battalora, CSM

4 Obstacles on the Way to a Circular Economy Atalay Atasu, Georgia Tech

Regulatory-Ready Sustainability or Sustainability-Ready Regulators? Jeff Keaton, ASCE

Integration into a Company’s Business Plan Flora Moon, Expressworks

Session 7 – System Implementation

Moderator: Jeff Keaton, ASCE

Do More with Less – Design for the Triple Bottom Line for Sustainable Development and Footprint Optimization Janet Peargin, Chevron

Economic Viability of Responsible Small-Scale Mining Tatiane Marin (co-author Jacopo Seccatore), University of São Paulo

Circular Economy for Electronics — Gold Mine or Race to the Bottom? Mark Caffarey, Umicore (co-authors Colton Bangs, Christina Meskers, Thierry Van Kerckhoven)

Alternatives to Deep Foundations to Enhance Sustainability of Infrastructure Projects Kimberly Martin, Arizona State University (co-authors Ranjiv Gupta, Hamed Khodadadi T.)

Session 8 – Environmental/Waste

Moderator: Jeff Fergus, Auburn University

U.S. EPA’s Efforts to Advance Sustainable Materials Management Nicole L. Villamizar, EPA Office of Resource Conservation & Recovery

Metals Recovery and Recycling Eric Peterson, Idaho National Laboratory

Waste as a Useful Circular Economy Indicator Flora Moon, Expressworks (co-author Sophie Theys, Bureau Veritas)

Characterization of Green Carbons Produced by the Hydrothermal Carbonization of a Biorefinery Lignin Waste-Stream Emmanuel Atta-Obeng, West Virginia University (co-authors Benjamin E. Dawson-Andoh, Mohindar S. Seehra, Usha Geddam; Johannes Leisen, GA Institute of Technology)

More Sustainable Concrete Using Waste Cement Industry CO2 Sean Monkman, Carbon Cure (co-author Mark MacDonald)

Value Creation Through Enabling Technologies to Up-Cycle Aluminum Scrap Sean Kelly, WPI (co-author Diran Apelian)

Session 9 – Future Visions for the Circular Economy

Moderator: Nikhil Trivedi, IDEKIN International

Hydrocarbon Development and the Sustainability Lifecycle: What Is the Role of the Citizen Engineer? Linda Battalora, CSM

The Food–Energy–Water Nexus and a Circular Economy Lucy Alexander (author Dale Keairns), AIChE

An Expanding Cloud-Based Company-to-Company Industrial Reuse Platform Andrew Mangan, United States Business Council for Sustainable Development

Towards a Sustainable Future — Opportunities for Impact in an Already Circular Economy Robert Dowling, rePurpose