Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources 3 End Notes

Daily Recaps

At the conclusion of both days of the conference, participants were asked to provide comments on the overarching themes and consistent threads of the sessions held that day. The purpose was to synthesize ideas of how to better view the concepts related to a circular economy in the context of mining and extractive industry issues and those of other facets of raw materials supply. The facilitated discussion drew out a number of key thoughts which are detailed below and captured in the session introductions.

Through this exercise, several foundational components of circular economy and the role of various sectors were highlighted. These can serve as a springboard for future discussions and as a key summary of what the participants learned as a part of this conference.

Themes and Takeaways – Day 1

Session 1: Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy

Session 2: Case Studies: Challenges & Successful Business Models

Session 3: Educating the Future Engineer

Session 4: Water

Themes and Takeaways – Day 2

Session 6: Building Blocks for the Circular Economy

Session 7: System Implementation

Session 8: Environmental/Waste

Session 9: Future Visions for the Circular Economy